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Security solutions for a safe environment

The number of burglaries in Europe is still increasing every day . Do you want to feel safe wherever you are? With the right security solutions you can decrease the chance of burglary with 90%. Therefore it is important for both individuals and businesses to make use of security solutions. Think of solid locks, reliable security cameras and quality alarm systems. With these kind of security measures you create a safe environment and scare off intruders.

A complete range of security solutions

To provide our customers with the best security solutions priced at three different levels we have a complete range of security and safety products. We are manufacturer of two different brands, namely Valueline and König. Besides that we are also distributer of the brands Home8 and DI-O. Continue reading for more information about our Security & Safety assortment.

Security cameras

From IP cameras to dummy cameras: we have all kinds of security cameras in our range. A camera is an effective solution to prevent unwanted guests and captures all events so you always have useful evidence if something might happen. Take a look in our shop to see what kind of security cameras our assortment contains.

Dummy security

Dummy security cameras are fake cameras and therefore are cheap alternative for scaring off intruders. With dummy security objects you can secure your home or office in an affordable way. Our dummy cameras have all a realistic design and are provided with built-in flashing LED. Take a look in our dummy security shop for dummy security products like dummy sirens, dummy alarms and dummy TVs.

Home prevention

Security is not only the prevention of intrusion but also the detection and / or prevention of all kinds of hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide and / or other gasses. Our smoke detectors, heat detectors, water detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors make it possible to act fast and to limit the damage or even prevent dangerous situations. Our home prevention assortment is visible in this shop .

Alarm security

Let an intruder know that your building is secured well by installing an alarm system. When motion is detected a loud alarm will go off and the burglar will run away. An alarm system can be extended with different kinds of sensors in order to secure every room. You can find our alarm systems in the webshop .

Your partner in security solutions

We are your one-stop shop in security and safety: one supplier for all your security solutions and other consumer electronics. For every customer, retail or etail, we offer daily support so you can successfully sell your products both online and offline. Interested in Nedis as a partner ? Become a reseller and get full access to the Nedis webshop!

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