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Payment methods

  • What payment methods does NEDIS accept?

    For your convenience, we accept several payment methods:

    - On credit / Bank transfer
    - Prepayment
    - Direct Debit
    - Credit / Debit Card
    - Cheque

  • On credit / Bank transfer

    As soon as you are established within NEDIS, your sales representative will request a credit limit in the NEDIS systems. Based on turnover expectation and an external credit check, our friendly Finance Team will grant the credit limit. When a limit is in place you will receive a standard credit term in which you can schedule your own payments via BACs or Faster Payments.

  • Prepayment

    When you sign up via our web shop you are immediately able to order using the prepayment option. We offer two payment options with prepayment: PayPal and credit card.

  • Direct Debit 

    Want to limit administrative processing work? Then Direct Debit can be a fantastic option. Simply request a Direct Debit contract form from your NEDIS sales representative, and based on the applicable credit term our finance team will collect the due invoices from your account.

  • Credit / Debit Card

    You can pay your credit account with Credit or Debit card (not American Express) by simply calling one of our sales team who will be able to take your card payment.

  • Cheque

    You can pay your credit account balance by sending a cheque payable to Nedis UK Limited to Unit 1 Mercury Place, 11 St. George Street, Leicester, LE1 1QG.

Payment reminder

  • I’ve received a payment reminder after I’ve already paid the bill

    Our friendly Finance Team works hard to process all incoming payments the same day. As banks normally have 1 or 2 days processing time, you may receive a reminder even after you have paid your bill. 99% of the time NEDIS Finance is able to match directly when a customer and invoice number are added in the bank transfer.

    In the event you made your payment more than 4 days before you received the reminder, please submit a service request on the ’Service page’ in your account. This ensures your payment was received correctly.

    Tip: Providing proof of payment can help our finance team find potential issues and helps to speed up this process.



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