Dropshipment by NEDIS

Never having to decline a sale!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a logistic solution for webshops, where you let us (the supplier) deliver the ordered goods directly to your customer. Instead of keeping the products in stock yourself, we do this for you. Once you sell a product in your webshop, you’ll send the order (automatically) to us. We make sure that the parcel is sent directly to your customer.


How does it work?

1. The customer goes to your Web shop, places an order and pay your retail price and shipping costs. Then you place the same order easy with us and pay the purchase price and shipping costs. You keep the profit yourself

2. If you are not using the product data feed you can use the consumer mode on our webshop.You place an order together with the customer directly and indicate that you want to use dropshipping. Your customer pays your retail price and shipping cost and you pay the purchase price and shipping cost to us. You keep the profit yourself.


We pack the product and send the order directly to your customer, from your name, including a personalized packing slip.



What's in it for you?

1. A  satisfied customer + additional sales

If you can't sell something, because you do not have in stock you do not only have a dissatisfied customer, but also sales goes wrong. With the drop shipment service of NEDIS, you no longer need to sell no to your customers!

2. A  stronger competitive position

With dropshipment, you no longer lose your sales to your competitors who do have the article on stock.

3. No stock needed

You don’t need your own stock, so you’re never stuck with unsold products. You need less space and have less risks.

4. You save time and money

The entire logistic process takes place outside the door.  You don't have to worry about packing and sending the orders, giving you more time for marketing and customer service.

How do you place a dropshipment order?

1. Product selection
Place the desired product in your shopping cart.

2. Shopping cart
Then go to your shopping cart.

3. Delivery address
Select the option 'send to my customer' (dropshipping) and fill in the delivery address.

4. Reference
You can leave a reference for your customer.

5. Complete order
Confirm your order and the parcel is delivered to your customer, within 48 hours with an additional 24 hours added if delivered to the “Highlands and Islands”, if ordered before 2 pm.

Dropshipment by NEDIS - Extra benefits

  • Ordered before 2 pm, two days delivery
  • Order directly through the consumer mode What is the consumer mode?
    The consumer mode is a modified version of the NEDIS webshop to show your customer retail prices and your own logo while using the NEDIS webshop. This way you can always offer your customer a complete range of products, even when not in stock in your own store.
    on the NEDIS webshop
  • Easy extension of your online product range through product data feed integration
  • Sending a drop shipment costs you £ 7.50

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