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Nedis is the specialist in all conceivable cables & connectors. We have a cable, adapter, connector or other solution for all devices both old and new devices. Think of jack cables, tulip cables, HDMI cables, Scart cables, lightning cables and so on!


Audio devices are available in many shapes. These devices all have different requirements for connecting audio. Especially for all these kinds of audio devices we offer the best connectivity solutions. Think of high-quality audio cables or plugs for DJ’s or musicians. We also offer microphones, headphones and various sound boxes. Nedis offers an all-round audio range.

The most popular audio cables & connectors:

  • Jack cable: A jack cable is used to connect audio for example to headphones, laptops, smartphones etc.
  • Jack to Tulip cable: This cable is used primarily to connect legacy devices to new devices. The most common used is the 3.5mm jack to tulip connection.
  • Optical cable: An optical cable is used when audio does not have to be connected with the image. For example, with a Home Cinema Set.
  • XLR cable: XLR cables are used for both audio and lighting equipment. With the help of XLR cables you can connect various devices, for example electric musical instruments, to each other.

Discover our assortment here for more audio cables, adapters, splitters, switches and more accessories!

TV & Video

An important device in the living room is the television. For some older televisions and other video devices, you need Scart cables to connect an TV or video devices. The newest televisions can usually be connected by using HDMI cables. We have cables and accessories for every TV or video device.

The most popular TV & video cables and connectors:

  • HDMI cable:A video cable is a HDMI cable. This is the successor of the Scart cable. HDMI cables send digital signals instead of analog signals.
  • TV Cable: With cable TV you can watch TV but then you must have the right coax cable and splitter or amplifier.
  • Scart Cable: As mentioned above, this is the predecessor of the HDMI cable. This does not mean that a Scart cable is no longer needed. Many devices still have a Scart connection.
  • Composite Cable: A composite cable is used to connect audio. This cable is often accompanied by RCA / Tulp cable for audio.

Discover our assortment for more TV & video cables, VGA cables, Display Ports, adapters and accessories.


Smartphone & Tablet

The most important devices in our daily life’s are laptops, tablets and smartphones. These devices have provided a lot of convenience and are used continuously by us. It is therefore also important to invest in the correct smart media cables and connectors so that the lifespan of smartphones and tablets are so long as possible.

The most popular Smartphone & Tablet cables and connectors

  • Lightning to USB cable: With this cable an iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lighting connector can be connected to a USB port or USB-AC adapter. When it is connected the device is charged and data can be shared.
  • Lightning adapter to Micro USB: With a Lightning adapter a device with a Lightning connector can be connected. This adapter allows the device to be charged with a USB charger or by connecting
  • 2-in-1 cable with USB 2.0 + Lightning connection: With this cable different types of smartphones or tablets can be connected to a laptop. It is an all-in-one solution!

Discover out assortment of cables & connectors

We have a strong assortment of cables, connectors, adapters, splitters and switches in every price and quality class. Our products meet high quality standards and are all certified. Interest in Nedis as a partner? Become a reseller and get full access to the Nedis webshop!

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