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Smoke detectors for fire prevention

An indispensable part of a room in your home or office is a smoke detector. A smoke detector is a detector which triggers an alarm when smoke is detected. It is very important that you always have a smoke detector in each room. For example, in your sleep you are not able to smell anything and this can be very dangerous because when you breath in the smoke it can be deadly. Another advantage of smoke detectors is that they prevent damage to your home, yourself or your relatives. A small device that can prevent big problems!

How does a smoke detector work?

Smoke detectors work all in the same way. Every smoke detector contains a lamp and a small mirror. The lamp continuously sends a signal to the mirror if this signal is broken by smoke the alarm goes off. When the smoke detector goes off while no smoke is detected this may be due to dust that has dome into the detector. We advise you to test the smoke detector at least once a month to ensure that the smoke detector works properly.

Where do you need to place the smoke detector?

It is essential that your smoke detector is placed in the right place. Smoke rises because it is lighter than air. A room will therefore be filled up with smoke from top to bottom. The correct spot for a smoke detector is always on the ceiling. In case of a gable roof you have to place the smoke detector around 50 to 100 centimetres below the roof-ridge.

Connectable smoke detectors

It is really useful to use smoke detectors which can be connected with each other. Our smoke detectors are equipped with a learning button so they can be connected wireless to an unlimited number of smoke detectors, such as SAS-SA200 and SAS-SA2002. If one detector detects smoke it sends a signal via radiofrequency so the other detectors will be activated.

Your partner in smoke detectors

We are your one-stop shop in home prevention: one supplier for all your home prevention and other consumer electronics.Are you interested in Nedis as a partner or do you have a question?We are happy to help you.

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